Part 6: Twenty First Century
Strangely enough, 2001 has managed to shake some of the dust off the Buffalo archives. Early this year I was asked to guest star on a weekly comedy drama, The Gilmore Girls, portraying a local troubadore. The show’s creators, Amy Sherman-Paladino and Daniel Paladino were fans of my post-Bufflao work and certainly of the Grant-Lee Buffalo albums. Honoring their requests, a handful of old favorites such as "Honey Don’t Think", "Mockingbirds" and some more recent tunes were woven into the fabric of the program. A later Buffalo tune, "Truly, Truly" was also featured as background music prior to my acting debut on show. Then Ralph Hemacher, the director of TNT’s Witchblade, asked to incorparate various songs of Grant Lee Buffalo’s into the comic inspired, dark fantasy drama. This task also called for me to provide the voice and musical soul for the character, "Choncobar", a rebel balladeer. To further such strangeness, director David Goyer (Blade, Dark City), asked me to create the musical score for his film "ZigZag" (starring Wesley Snipes, John Leguizamo and Oliver Platt). Having been a fan of Grant Lee Buffalo, and more recently, "Ladies Love Oracle", my first post-Buffalo outing, David originally envisoned the soundtrack as being minimal and acoustic in nature. He also made the special request of featuring Grant Lee Buffalo’s "APB" in the film as well. Oddly, it was as if the stars were somehow aligned to create a small GLB phenomena.
     Presently, the original members of Grant Lee Buffalo have each gone on to various frontiers. Paul Kimble is both a recording artist, a touring musician and an album producer in his own right, Joey Peters continues to tour and record, in addition to his own involvement in film music. My own path, I can offer, has been interesting to say the least, beginning with a self produced acoustic collection, "Ladies Love Oracle" in 2000. This album has generally been limited to internet sales via and has relied exclusively on word of mouth. Solo acoustic touring has been rewarding in addition to joining forces on ocassion with fellow major label refugees, Robyn Hitchcock and Aimee Mann. This back to basics approach has been very rejuvenating. In the winter of 2001, I signed a solo deal with the Boston based Zoe/ Rounder Records. The new album, entitled Mobilize, jointly produced by Carmen Rizzo and myself, will be traditionally released in stores and online as of August 14th, 2001 with a US tour to follow. The touring lineup will include bassist Bill Bonk, keyboardist Phil Parlapiano, and drummer Kevin Jarvis. For the complete and up to date story on my own whereabouts, hyjinxs, and what have you, I welcome you to join me at It’s my sincere hope that this site provides a presence in the name of Grant Lee Buffalo in the most personal way that I know how. My appreciation goes out to the many supporters whose own dedication and interest in Grant Lee Buffalo has at one time or another inspired them to invest themselves in the creation of other such sites. It’s an honor that I for one, am incredibly grateful for. My many thanks to all those whose love of music has made it possible for Grant Lee Buffalo to roam.

Grant-Lee Phillips
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